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We AcquireBuild, and Grow vertical market software companies. Our mission is to drive transformation within our companies and create long-term value for our investors, partners, and employees. ​
Our investment philosophy is centered around working collaboratively with existing management teams to drive superior operating results and innovation. We execute through a partnership-driven approach supported by a set of management principles, operating metrics, and business processes. We support our companies by investing in growth initiatives and strategic acquisitions that drive long-term value.

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At EXA, we strive to empower vertical market software companies

Similing Team

"We believe entrepreneurs hold the keys to innovation and progress. As advocates of change they seek deep personal fulfillment. Acting as an agent of social good they create jobs, stimulating economic growth. And as the crazy person, they are courageous enough to give it a try!"



Legacy Builders

We are legacy builders, providing a permanent home to your customers, employees, and your legacy. We don't resell your business. Our purpose is to invest in your business and build it for decades to come.

People Focused

Our relentless focus on talent development encourages our employees to be the best versions of themselves. Allowing them to carve their own career paths - whether that leads to retirement, staying in their current roles or taking on more responsibilities.

Software Experts

We are focused solely on software and bring decades of software experience, both as operators and investors. Our track record and clear focus distinguishes us in understanding, evaluating and growing your business.

Partners & Collaborators

We partner with management teams to actively develop strategies identifying growth opportunities. And we rely on the expertise and deep market knowledge of these teams to guide actionable decisions under EXA’s decentralized operating model.


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