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Our Focus

We believe when you do something over and over you get pretty good at it. That is why we stay focused on vertical market software companies.

Our strategy combines deep software and technology expertise; flexibility to support your needs on deal structure and post-acquisition planning; and long-term perspective that fully aligns our interests with your goals and time horizon.

We focus on companies with growth potential across a variety of verticals. Beyond financial stability, EXA's portfolio companies gain access to industry expertise, global reach, M&A support, and our substantial network.

Long-term vision, realized through thoughtful improvement over time

Our focus on business improvement and strategic growth

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Our Approach


Our investment approach lets the management operate their businesses, and we collaboratively strive to create value where our capital, strategic insight, and operational support drives exceptional transformation. 

Preliminary Review
Detailed Conversations & Formal Review
Due Diligence to Closing
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Operating Model

All our portfolio companies are integrated into EXA's proprietary operating platform that helps us measure and improve our businesses.
Your journey with EXA begins with orientation, where we introduce the management team to a set of operating metrics and ratios used to drive results. This bench-marking exercise helps us to measure, monitor and improve the performance of all our portfolio companies.

Being Acquired

At EXA, we take acquisitions more than just a business transaction. It's about investing in the people, products and services that have been the bedrock of your company's success.

While we are open to discussing any opportunity, here are some company characteristics we are most tailored to serve.

Company Characteristics

Established, proprietary B2B software

Low Customer Attrition

Must meet at least one of the following

Great management team

Leaders in the selected market niche

Established product line


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