EXA Capital Acquires Prista Corp

Date: November 1, 2023

EXA Capital, the long-term focused acquirers and operators of software companies, announced today their acquisition of Prista Corporation, founded in 2009 by Don Jarrell, a notable technology leader and Billie Anne Schoppman, a well-recognized expert in healthcare quality and improvement.

Prista’s flagship SaaS offering ‘ActionCue CI’ is a clinical intelligence platform that combines quality assurance, risk management, and performance improvement functions for healthcare delivery organizations, enabling healthcare executives, and clinical staff to provide quality patient care.

“I’m excited to announce Prista as the latest addition to EXA,” said Omer Sajid, Founder and CEO of EXA Capital. “Prista’s ActionCue CI product is the market’s most robust platform solving some of the most critical problems related to quality of healthcare provided today. I was impressed by Prista’s commitment to customer experience, and product innovation that positions the company for future growth.”

“The culture and style of EXA made a tremendous impact in our decision and the transition process, said Don Jarrell, Prista’s Founder. “We spoke with several potential acquirers over the past few years and have been extremely impressed with the genuine interest demonstrated by EXA in taking care of our team, our customers and the purpose and goals for our product as Billie Anne and I pass the torch.”

“Prista will benefit from EXA's resources, networks and robust operations platform and through teaming with other EXA portfolio companies” he continued. “As such, our customers can expect more great things to come in the ActionCue platform.”

Prista will continue to deliver on its brand promise, operating autonomously under EXA’s decentralized model, continuing their mission of building a culture of quality in healthcare organizations

About EXA Capital

Founded in 2020, EXA focuses on a buy and hold forever strategy for enterprise software companies. EXA’s permanent hold model aligns well with founders’ vision of legacy protection and long-term sustainable growth of their businesses. Prista marks EXA’s sixth acquisition to-date and second in the HealthTech space.