We provide a permanent home to your business. Period.

Our close-knit team is comprised of high-performing individuals with deep software and technology expertise, but more importantly an understanding of the commitment it takes to build a stable enterprise software business. Our ability to offer a long-term perspective and post-acquisition planning along with our flexibility on deal structure results in an outcome that fully aligns our interests with your goals and time horizon.


We are legacy builders, providing a permanent home to your customers, employees, and your legacy.

We don't resell your business. Our purpose is to invest in your business and build it for decades to come.

We allow our employees to carve their own career paths. Whether that leads to retirement, staying in their current roles, or taking on more responsibilities, we will work with our Team members to make that a reality.

We are focused solely on software and bring decades of software experience, both as operators and investors.

Our track record and clear focus distinguishes us in understanding, evaluating and growing your business.

We partner with management teams to actively develop strategies identifying growth opportunities, and we rely on the expertise and deep market knowledge of these teams to guide actionable decisions under EXA’s decentralized operating model.

Acquisition Criteria

At EXA, we take acquisitions more than just a business transaction. It's about investing in the people, products, and services that have been the bedrock of your company's success. While we are open to discussing any opportunity - our preferred businesses have the following characteristics:
Established, proprietary B2B software
Low customer attrition
Great management team
Leaders in the selected market niche
Established product line

Our Team