EXA Capital has Acquired TeamEDA, maker of LAMUM

Date: 30 Sept 2021


Manchester, New Hampshire

EXA Capital, LLC (“EXA”) has acquired TeamEDA, Inc., (“TeamEDA”), makers of LAM and LAMUM, headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire.

TeamEDA is a leading provider of integrated software license management and optimization for engineering applications to monitor the leading engineering tools CAD, CAM, CAE, EDA, PLM, AEEC, and many other design, simulation, modeling, and analysis tools. Team EDA combines both License Asset Management with Usage Monitoring (LAMUM) in one best-in-class solution.

“We are thrilled to welcome TeamEDA to EXA Capital,” said Omer Sajid, EXA’s Founder & CEO. “TeamEDA’ s LAM & LAMUM products are solving one of the most consequential problems engineering firms face on a daily basis. The ingenious and simplicity of the offering is what excites us about the future of this mighty team”

“I’m so excited to know that TeamEDA can continue to grow and prosper as a member of EXA family. It is the right place and the right time for TeamEDA. EXA has the knowledge, skills, and resources to take TeamEDA to the next level” Shared Guy Haas, Founder and CEO of TeamEDA Inc.

As part of EXA’s decentralized model, TeamEDA will retain its name, website, and autonomy through the acquisition. An important aspect of the acquisition is to protect the legacy that veteran Guy Haas, TeamEDA’ s Founder, has built over the last 17 years. The existing team will benefit from ongoing support and best-practices that EXA will provide to continue growing TeamEDA and expand the company’s global market share.